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departure day

The Day has finally come. After months of planning, good-byes and a week of prioritizing what we need to bring with us and what we simply can't fit, we woke up and had one last trip to Tim Horton's then it was off the the airport.

Many thanks to Carolyn who dropped us off at terminal 3 in timely fashion. That isn't entirely true since she let Chris drive since he said that it was the least she could do since he won't be driving for a couple years.

During the packing process mentioned above, we determined that we just had too much stuff that we really needed so we figured that we would pack one extra bag for the trip - unfortunately this extra bag set us back $185.00!!!

posing one last time at a popular Canadian institution

It was also a great thing that we were able to pre-weigh our luggage so that we knew we weren't over capacity, that was a good idea because the one bag came in weighing 31.6 kg of an allowable 32 kg!

our plane as seen from the Airport viewing area - a Korean air boeing 747

our luggage: 5 bags, 2 carry-on's,
and a mandolin

Instead of calling this entry of the travel blog 'departure day' we should have called it 'the longest day' since we flew for 13

hours and crossed 11 time zones and the international date line. We left at 3:00 pm on Friday and got off the plane at 6:00 pm on Saturday (5 am Ontario Time).

The flight was non-stop and at only 13 hours it was pretty short by trans-pacific standards, but t was still the longest flight I have been on for sure. We didn’t fly straight across North America over Vancouver but we instead flew over the Northwest Territories, Alaska, and across the international date line to Russia. The weirdest thing was that the sun never set - the whole trip was in sunlight. Chris had his Samwise Gamgee moment (Lord of the Rings) as we flew over Alaska. “If I take one more step, this will be the furthest I’ve ever been from home!” We were 2 of about 5 non-Koreans on our flight, definitely our first culture shock experience.

When we finally picked up our baggage we met our future boss Brenda, who was waiting for us with a sign that posted our names - just like the movies. We drove for about 1 hour to the town of Anyang (pronounced - Ahn-yahng - we were saying it with an American twang). We drove to our apartment and hauled all the luggage up the stairs then fell asleep, the end of a long day.

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