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A 7-eleven, one of the signs from home we found in our travels, unfortunately they didn't have a slurpee machine.

Aug 1st 2006

settling in

Today I sat up in bed at about 4 am, it's now 11 am and it feels like 3 in the afternoon. Man I hate jet lag! Just when I thought I was over it... it pulls me back in...

This is day 3 in Anyang and so far it is a wonderful city. When we arrived here on Saturday night it was dark, we were tired and we just unpacked our clothes and fell asleep. On Sunday morning we woke up at around 5:30 am, did some more organizing then headed outside to tour the neighbourhood, not knowing what to expect.

As we emerged from our apartment, I could only compare it to the Wizard of Oz, the plane had whisked us away from Ontario into

Our place in Anyang, Jill is pointing to our bedroom window on the 2nd floor

the world of Korea, so when we walked out the door of our apartment it was like what Dorothy experienced, everything was foreign (in Dorothy's case in colour) in our case, unfamiliar smells signs and people. We started walking around town, we were told on our way to our apartment that we were living in 'Food Town' sort of the restaurant district. Around our place the streets
are very narrow, with cars parked in tight places, all the restaurants look great. As you can see from the picture above we live above a restaurant characteristic of this neighbourhood. When you can't read Korean characters, you quickly begin to find aids that will help you learn about your surroundings. Most of the restaurants had pictures

One of the restaurants on our street - can you guess what they sell?

depicting the fare they sold, some still had pictures or plastic re-creations of the plate of food that you could expect to enjoy. When we came on to the main street: Pyongchon-ro and turned left, about 3 stores down we saw a small convenience store that sold western goods! We were both so excited to see this, after touring down the streets of the restaurant district this store was amazing. When we came out of the store we looked across the street, and saw a McDonalds and KFC and a Pizza Hut! This discovery was sort of a double edged sword, on the one hand we were glad to see some familiar sights, but it was also a clear sign of globalization in our world, western traditions were obviously taking over the landscape of Korea.

Chris in front of Papa John's Pizza

Pyongchon-ro in Anyang, all the tall buildings in the next block are English language schools

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