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here are some of our favourite links

free web tv is finally here! - that's right, here is a link to tvu networks an amazing download where you can get a player that offers a selection of channels from arount the world. This program which includes channels such as HBO, ESPN and all the major US networks is a must for us so now we can watch "the office" live each week! - want to talk to us online for free? Want to make calls anywhere in North America for less than 2 cents? Skype is the program of choice for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology. - we're still also using good old msn messenger, just follow the links for adding messenger to your computer. Note, if you don't have a hotmail account, you will need to create one before using the program.

google maps - one of the great... and wait for it... free mapping programs that google has created. You may also want to consider downloading Google Earth, an even better version.



Silver Lake Mennonite Camp - The worlds best camp! I was honoured to be asked to design their website in the fall of 2007.

The Community Players - New Hamburg's finest (and only) community theatre group. Chris just finished re-designing their website in time for the announcement of May 2008's show - Roger's and Hammerstein's Carousel click here to buy tickets.

Citycorp Realty - on of Chris' first site designs. In the market to rent or sell or buy a property? is the palce to check out.

The K-W Record - when people stop sending us emails, we turn to the Record for the pulse of the community.

Ashgrove Farm - another site designed by Chris'. Ashgrove Farm owned by the Reimer family is the place for fresh local produce, know best for their Strawberries every June! - want to come and visit us? can usually find the cheepest flights out there by checking all of the discout fight sites at the same time. - just because Jill needed some representation...

seinfeld scripts - ever consider putting together your own staging of a seinfeld episode, but are too busy to watch an episode and capture the dialogue? Well some person with plenty of time on their hands did just that for you.

the office (US) - one of our favorite shows, season 3 is now in full swing. Check out to read about future episdes, or go to this site which has readable scripts as well

choral honda commercial - an amazing commercial that makes you feel like you are driving a car, but instead it's a choral masterpiece.

Ebaum's World Flash Animation - from increadibly raunchy to amazingly clever, proceed with caution.

Teen Girl's Squad - more animation - very clever, very simple, "sooo good!"

Addicting Games - 'nuff said.

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