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Return to the Racecourse
posted Sunday Oct 14, 2007

Pictures from our second trip to Seoul Racecourse Park.

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Pictures from the Korean DMZ
posted Sunday Sept 30, 2007

Pictures looking across the river at our North Korean neighbours.

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Photo Archives

A Korean pear and grape farm
posted Sunday Sept 30, 2007

We traveled up north with our fellow teacher Hee Jung to visit her grandparent's farm.

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Brunch at the Big Rock Brewery
posted Sunday Sept 2, 2007

Pictures from our brunch at the Big Rock Brewery restaurant in Seoul.

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Justin Martin's Visit to Seoul
posted August 1, 2007

Pictures of our tour of Seoul with Ariss' native son.

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Min-ji's Wedding
posted July 8, 2007

We took the 5 hour drive south to Ulsan for our friend Kim Min-ji's wedding.

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Driving across the country
posted July 8, 2007

On our way to Ulsan we took several pictures of the Korean countryside

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Canada Day in Korea
posted July 1, 2007

On Canada Day we got together with some fellow Canucks.

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Youngjae Baseball
posted June 25, 2007

Pictures from Chris' ongoing experience with the Youngjae Baseball Team

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Chris' Birthday
posted June 6, 2007

A night on the town to celebrate Chris' big 27!

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a trip to the Korean Folk Village
posted February 18, 2007

A step back to the Josun dynasty at this living history museum.

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a night view from Seoul
posted February 17, 2007

Some pictures from the highest spot in the city.

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Hyundai Sung-woo Ski Resort
posted February 11, 2007

Pictures from Korea... slope-side.

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our Japan trip
October 2006

5 days in the land of the rising sun resulted in many pictures.

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Justin and Hee-woo's wedding
September 24, 2006

View pictures from a Canadian-Korean wedding

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the Cheonggye stream
September 20, 2006

Discover Seoul's newest inner-city waterway

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pictures of our apartment
September 17 , 2006

Tour our apartment through a series of photos.

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pictures from Seoul
August 12, 2006

A couple shots of our first trip to Seoul.

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pictures from Anyang
August 9, 2006

First impressions from our neighbourhood.

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Photos from home

Farwell Party
July 23, 2006

A party at Gerry and Liz's was a great way to say goodbye to family and friends.

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06-06-06 Party
May 27, 2006

A party for Chris and Greg to celebrate their 26 year old milestone.

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Our Wedding
July 10, 2004

Pictures from that special day so many years ago. How time flies!

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Brubacher House

Our first and most historic residence. Some pictures from our time spent on UW's north campus.

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