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Aug 12th 2006

old friends,
new friends

As the picture above shows, we managed to find Eric Lee. For those of you who don't know Eric, he went to Rockway with us from gr. 9 - OAC and for the last year and a half of that time lived at the Burkhardt house. We have seen
Eric a total of three times now, he lives about a 40 minute subway ride away in Yeuido. Our adventures together have consisted of a trip to Costco to buy some bulk essentials, a couple meals together, and some much needed English to Korean translation (ie. showing us the ropes...) Eric is returning to U of Toronto in the fall where he is studying architecture, but we hope to get together a couple more times before he leaves. We also look forward to his return next summer when we can show him all that we have learned!

Chris and Eric enjoying some delicious Korean food


Besides meeting up with Eric we have also made some new friends in Korea. After the Air Conditioner incident, our landlords Mr. and Mrs. Jang took some pity on us and invited us up to their place to sit in their A/C until ours was ready. They told us it would just be for a 'drink' but when we went upstairs to their rooftop patio, their son, daughter-in law and their children were also there and a whole meal was prepared for us. As we began eating they began filling up our glasses with beer and so-ju, a Korean drink that tastes like vodka but is only half as strong. We had a great conversation with them trying to find ways to communicate with their limited English and our non-existent Korean. About 5 minutes into the conversation their neighbour, started speaking broken English to us, so we learned a couple things, he learned English in Japan, he and his wife own the restaurant across the street from our building. We also found out that our landlord is 63 but is president of the Anyang cycling club, and bikes up one of the mountains around our city every morning at 7am. I'm sure that we will continue to learn much about them in the coming weeks, and already we feel like they are surrogate parents to us here, looking out for us and helping us to find what we need.

Enjoying a nice meal on our landlord's roof-top patio. Mr. and Mrs. Jang are seated at both heads of the table, along with their neighbours who own the restaurant across the street. And then of course there's Jill pretending to drink beer.

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