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Feb 13th 2007

a day on the slopes

This past weekend, we were lucky to be able to go on a ski trip over here in Korea. Our academy treated the teachers in our office to an overnight ski trip on Sunday February 11th.

There were 11 of us in total. Some of us skied and others snow boarded at Hyundai Sung-woo ski resort which is about an hour and a half away from the city. The resort was in Gangwon Province - the city of PyeonChang in Gangwon-do is in the running to host the 2014 (after losing out on 2010 to Vancouver) and many signs suggested that the IOC committee members were preparing for their visit.




Signs a plenty on the roads into Gangwon-do welcome the IOC committee, and rally support around the 2014 olympic bid.

We settled into our lovely rooms with a view of the slopes - a nice convenience. One interesting wrinkle to the standard ideal of a western Hotel room, was that there were no beds in any of the rooms - so we had a wonderful sleep on the floor.

Chris enjoying the slope-side accommodations

We had a great time with a number of the teachers. It was definitely nice to experience some winter activities over here. The resort was great! We skied from 12:30-4:30 p.m. and then from 6:30-10:30 p.m. Although we had a fabulous time, we did miss real Canadian snow. The ski hill was covered in man-made snow and it was quite granular and slushy in texture.

Riding up on the gondola

The rental place also provided clothing rentals so we were able to get all decked out in snow pants and some of the teachers also got ski jackets.

After skiing in the evening, we made some dinner in our rooms and then some of us went to the noribang (karaoke room) to sing our little hearts out. All in all it was a nice change from the ordinary, not to mention a great end to 13 straight days of work.