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Mar 25th 2007

feels like spring

What's better than taking advantage of a Saturday afternoon to do a little warm weather BBQ-ing? While the weather wasn't exactly middle of the summer warm, we felt that 14° was warm enough to head to the roof top of our school building and do some Canadian-style cooking.

It sort of began as a desire by some of us North American teachers for some hamburgers (other than those available at McDonalds) so Paul took matters into his own hands and ground up some beef and made some burger patties. Kevin headed to E-mart to buy some buns, Alison bought a couple steaks and some Boston baked beans, Neil brought his speakers with the tunes, and we brought our trademark taco salad. The food was delicious, not to mention the view of the mountains in the background and the warm Korean breezes to make this BBQ perfect.

A few of our Korean co-workers Bo-young and Joon-woo joined us to experience the 'westerner's bbq' and were by all accounts impressed.

Our roof top is an ideal vista to the mountains in the north east. It's about 25 square metres, and filled with air conditioner exhaust units but also with views to the main street on one side and our neighbourhood of 3-story apartments on the other side.

After getting our fill, we decided that the 'Saturday 3:00pm after work BBQ' is going to become a tradition when ever we work till that time on a Saturday (which is every other week).

We're sure after the success of this meal, more related pictures and blogs will follow.