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homeward bound

Yesterday marked the 2 month mark! The two month mark for what you may ask... in exactly 60 days we will be finished teaching at YES academy and heading into the world, ready for other adventures before we come home for good at the beginning of December to begin our lives as respectable Canadians.

While we have been see-sawing back and forth about the idea of returning home in December and then returning to Korea for an additional 10 months, we realized that we missed our lives back home which includes our friends and family (most of which are avid readers of our blogs). We also figured that coming home only to leave again would be the biggest tease - creating a huge letdown when the time came at the end of December to resume our teaching overseas. While there have been many appealing elements to our teaching experience here, we realized that we needed to be 100% sure that coming back was the best idea and we weren't really in a position to do that.



So now to the task at hand: the voyage home! We have several plans in the works most of these include stops in Beijing, Shenzhen, Thailand and Hong Kong - and we are sure to let you know when these become finalized. Stay tuned for the travel log in the month of November, sure to be full - as always - with entertaining blogs, inspiring pictures, and wacky videos of our travels on the other side of the world.




So now that we are coming home there are only a few questions that we've been scratching our heads over:







Will we be able to maintain our toned, and sculpted 'asian diet' bodies?









...or will our old soft, round, North American fat bodies come back?






Stay tuned to the progress of the weight loss challenge

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