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brunch in Alberta

After a year of suffering through the boring selection of Korean beers, we were overcome with joy and excitement that Alberta's Big Rock Brewery had a restaurant and bar in Gangnam, the trendy neighbourhood of Seoul.

Big Rock a small brewery is a popular brand with beer aficionados most notably for it's Grasshopper and Traditional Ale varieties. When Jill and I visited the restaurant last month, we noticed that they offered a Sunday Brunch for a mere $10.00!

On this dreary Sunday, as our baseball game was cancelled due to the poor weather, we enjoyed a brunch which featured bacon, eggs, ham, sausages, french toast, and poutine - yes poutine! In addition to the food we had the complete line of Big Rock beer selections to choose from. After an afternoon sampling everything from Jackrabbit to Warthog, McNally's Extra to Black Amber, we were more than pleased with the experience that the Korean Big Rock pub had to offer.


As we were there for at least 3 hours, wehad the opportunity to chat with grasshopperthe manager of the bar for a while. He told us about how he had lived in Calgary for 3 years and then had a job importing the raw materials to the Korean breweries from Canada. During this time he realized how plain the beer market was here and decided to ask Big Rock to allow him to import their product to Korea for public consumption.

After a bit of persuasion Big Rock finally agreed and the bar became a huge success. The bar depends a great deal on the business of foreigners - especially the Canadian ex-pats such as ourselves. But every visitor is treated to a wide array of Canadiana.


In addition to the Big Rock branding on the wall, you can view Canadian licence plates, Wayne Gretzky and Lanny McDonald hockey jerseys, they even had a fooseball table! Perhaps the highlight came during our meal when the owner personally made Paul and I 'ceasers' (with imported Mott's Clamato) something neither of us have had for over a year now.

The afternoon was also a great chance to hear about Justin and Hee-woo's recent 4 week trip to BC and Ontario. They had pictures and stories of camping up north that made us pretty home sick, and ready to be home.



to view more pictures of our time at the Big Rock Bar go to the pictures link.

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